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August 2018

Fall Lingerie Trends That Are A Must Follow This Year

Now that it is almost time to bid farewell to summer 2018, let’s take a look at all the fall lingerie trends that will be hot and in this fall. The reason why we are covering this topic is because when it comes to shopping for the next season, most people tend to overlook shopping for lingerie – whether it includes panties, bras, pantyhose or sleepwear.

But do not worry, we have you covered and here are the trends you should have yourself ready for:

Lacey and embroidered lingerie

Lacey bras and panties always bring a little sexy back to your wardrobe, but what’s unique this season is the trend of unfussy laced lingerie.

Floral prints

Floral prints have been everywhere and lingerie is no exception. You will be seeing a lot of floral lingerie in your favorite stores like Voluptuous Divas Boutique. Owning a pair or two would add the right amount of sexiness you need.

Earthy Colors

Fall reminds everyone of nature with all the leaves shedding and changing colors into the most beautiful ones ever seen. So this lingerie trend has taken inspiration from Mother Nature – earthy colored – brown, dark green, gray, etc. – lingerie will be in fashion.

Cathedral Cups

This bra takes inspiration from the 1950’s cathedral boned bra. This trend is coming back with a bang and can be easily found at Voluptuous Divas Boutique – a lingerie store that caters to all sexy voluptuous divas out there.

Some of the major trends that are expected to hit the lingerie segment this fall have been covered in this blog, for latest news and trends update follow our blog page. To shop the latest trends, you can visit Voluptuous Divas Boutique’ website and order online.